Music inside us!
Each of us knows that music can change the mood and set off on a journey from the lyrical immersion to the uncontrollable high-frequency trance. What if… (by the way, it is our frequently asked question) our mood can generate immediate unique music?

is the answer to the question
Копия DoReMind
DoReMind is a pilot program that converts brain pulses into melodic rhythms.

The program deals with neural interfaces via TGAM protocols, such as mobile EEG headsets, e.g., NeuroSky.

Technical requirements: 
- OS: Android, iOS, Windows,
- neural headsets (EEG) supporting TGAM protocol
- active brains
Music inside us – now everyone can create its own unique distinctive track. Each of us is the creator and the source of music generation.
Think of the music, share it with your friends in social networks, take part in our experiment!
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