Prototyping (in ancient Greek: πρῶτος - the first, τύπος - imprint, impression; original image) — fast "rough" implementation of the basic functionality for the analysis of the system as a whole.
ProtoPlasma is a tool for prototyping mobile applications.
We are already using a prototyping system, as described in article >>>, as part of our own development system "Vir".

        The existing prototyping system has a number of significant limitations:
  • the prototype is used only at the first stage of development, and the product development is carried out using other tools
  • the prototype works only on Windows desktop, and cannot be automatically migrated to other platforms
To overcome the limitations, we develop ProtoPlasma by adding the ability to translate prototypes into cross-platform development environments. This approach to the development of prototyping technology will make it possible to make prototypes for all mobile platforms simultaneously, and also for desktop platforms.

At any time, the developer can convert the prototype into a project for a cross-platform development environment, including source code, graphics, sounds, to build the project for the target mobile platform. Once the prototype is no longer useful for further development, development continues in a cross-platform environment.
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